The MS Republican Party’s Little Secret

The MS Republican Party’s Little Secret


The Precinct Strategy

Not to be confused with precinct caucuses for the purpose of picking a presidential candidate.  These are party caucuses for the purpose of voting on party delegates for state and national convention.

You’re a conservative.  Your fed-up.  You don’t want to donate, sign petitions, write letters or make calls that fall on deaf ears anymore.  Conservatives don’t won’t can’t protest.  And your sick of holding your nose and voting.  Welcome.

Every 4 years, on presidential election years, the Republican Party in Mississippi votes for the people who will go to the National Convention.  The delegates.  This is how it works:

Generally, the Precinct Caucus and County Convention is held in April on a Saturday.  The State Convention is held in May on a Saturday.

At each precinct in the state, your neighbors meet at your voting location and vote for a precinct captain and an alternate.  In probably about half of the precincts in the state, no one shows up at all, cause nobody knows about it.  The precinct captain then goes to the county convention later that day at the courthouse and votes for the County Executive Committee (the party) and the State Convention delegates.  Naturally the County Executive Committee members would like to go the State Convention because they have been the ones volunteering in the county for the last 4 years.  They volunteer for the duties required to run the primaries and the elections.  And they also go to monthly meetings.

So it takes 15 minutes to vote at your precinct caucus and if you would like to be a captain, you spend another hour of your time at the county convention.  That’s it.  So if you would like a conservative government, you need to vote for a conservative precinct captain.  The precinct captain will vote for a conservative county executive committee member and state convention delegates OR join the committee and attend the state convention themselves!

If a large number of conservatives attended the state convention, they could vote for a conservative State Executive Committee and conservative National Delegates.

Soooo Precinct Caucus = NO BROKERED, CONTESTED, OPEN CONVENTIONS.  And the Presidential nominee will be who the people want (who won the state primary) on the second unbound ballot at the National Convention if none of the candidates got 1237 delegates.

This couldn’t be any easier to change your government.  15 minutes of your time.

But instead the same people go to the precinct caucuses, vote themselves as captains, who then vote for themselves as county committee members and state convention delegates, who then vote for the RINOS that go to the National Convention that run the party.  And that’s the way they like it.  Nice and quiet and private.  Primaries be damned.  If there is a brokered convention, the second ballot cast will be for a RINO who probably didn’t even run for president.  And YOU have no say.

WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE HERE.    There are 40 precincts in my county. (It’s a big county)  Mississippi has 281 State Delegates.    There are 40 delegates going to the National Convention!!  (and 40 alternates)

So if you want to actually do something worthwhile to stop the RINOs, go to your precinct to vote for the conservative precinct captain or be a precinct captain yourself.  Depending on the size of your precinct, you can probably ask 5 of your neighbors to vote for you.  If it’s a big precinct you may need more voters.  (knock on a few doors)  Then you go to the county courthouse and you can nominate yourself for county executive committee member or state convention delegate or both.  Or just vote for conservatives that want those positions.  You don’t even have to be there to be nominated if you know a precinct captain.  If you are not sure about all that, just go to the precinct caucus or county convention at the courthouse to see just how easy it is for next time.  AT THE VERY LEAST VOTE AT THE PRECINCT CAUCUS TO BE A SUPER CITIZEN.

The easiest way to know who to vote for at the county is to attend Republican CLUB monthly meetings or ask to join the county executive committee.  The committee members go to executive committee monthly meetings and at election time, they give out the poll books for the poll managers.  That’s it.

This is not unattainable.  It is extremely doable.  Its been done before in LA, NV, AK, ME and MA.  check youtube.  A statewide effort would be nice and it would be great if the churches would lead that effort.  Until you join us, we will keep plugging away trying to become relevant with the few diehard conservatives we have.

This goes on in every State at different times using different methods.  You can check the  Green Papers ,Campaign for Liberty (Ron Paul) or websites to get information on how to do it in other States.

Be aware of any dirty tricks at the precincts.  Like getting locked out of the precinct, the precinct credentials package is gone ( you need that to be seated at the county convention), someone declaring themselves precinct captain before any vote is taken, (that is illegal)  credentials filled out before the precinct caucus opens (all precinct voters must be from that precinct and present).

The credentials package is nothing more than two forms.  One lists the names and addresses of the attendees and the other is the names of the elected precinct captain and alternate.

If the temporary precinct captain is not there, make sure you call the caucus to order, nominate yourself and take the vote promptly at 10:00am.  The easiest thing to do is simply call the county GOP chairman and ask for the credentials package.  If they know you (from the club meetings) then you will get the package especially if they don’t have anyone to represent that precinct.  You must be sure the credentials will either be there or you bring them yourself.  Bring a video camera.

When you get to the county convention.  Motion for votes to be taken by secret ballot.  Appeal the roll call if there were any dirty tricks at the precinct, object to a slate of names for all the positions.  Motion for separate votes for the county executive committee, state convention delegates and alternates.

The whole purpose of going to the State Convention is to make changes to the Rules, Bylaws, Platform, National delegates or State Executive Committee members.  If you accept or vote in favor of the corresponding committee reports, then no changes can be made and you had a nice day trip to Jackson, MS.  Only if the convention delegates yell NAY very loudly can any changes be made to add or subtract to the above mentioned reports.  If you don’t, everything stays the same.  All changes to the Rules, Bylaws, Platform and nominations to the National delegation must be made in writing and submitted the day before (Friday) when the committees meet, otherwise they cannot be brought up on the floor.  Once the reports are placed on your seat after lunch, you can quickly determine if your change was adopted by the committee.  If not, AND everyone yells NAY you can present your amendment to the floor.  Its a good idea to have access to a copy machine or printer so you can submit late proposals to the Chairman of a committee and the Secretary of the Convention  by noon on Convention day (Saturday).  Have them sign it with the current time.

Below is all the information you need for the State of Mississippi.  Please read the descriptions of the 3 part video.  If you have time, you can listen to the audio of the 2012 State Convention itself.

2016 GOP Call to Caucus and Convention

Convention Instructions 2016

2012 MS State Convention Agenda   Know when to yell NAY loudly.  The afternoon session to accept or vote in favor of the Nominating Committee Report, Rules and Bylaws Committee Report or the Platform and Resolutions Committee Report, if you are so inclined.

2012 MS Platform which includes the 2012 amendment on National Debt passed by a Desoto County Delegate.  It passed 278 to 3.

2012 GOP State Convention Rules

MS GOP Bylaws 2012

Nosef State Executive Committee 2012

Nosef final national delegate 5.18.12

Nosef final national alternate 5.19.12

Roberts Rules Motion Chart   Any time anyone announces to accept or vote in favor of a SLATE of names for anything, object, divide and nominate individual names.  There ya go.

VIDEOS-Please read the descriptions.

2012 MS Republican State Conv Pt 1

2012 MS Republican State Conv Pt 2

2012 MS Republican State Conv, Pt 3

Here are some other great links with information about the precinct strategy.

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                      Desoto County Convention